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Our Story


 Hello, my name is Shari and I first started making fudge to share with family and friends at Christmas. I experimented with different flavours and shapes for fudge pieces and before I knew it, my fudge was in demand and news spread far and wide. I was encouraged to create a Facebook page and that's when 'Fancy A Fudge' was born. I launched a website and was contacted by many local event organisers to sell my fudge at fairs all over Kent.


My family support and help me loads by looking after my children, Ben and Sophie, or driving me to and from venues. As a reward, I've offered my mum the position of official fudge taster. I didn't need to twist her arm and she has embraced this role wholeheartedly!


I really enjoy what I do and hope this shows in my work. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or you just want to say hi then please drop me a message on our facebook page, I'm always willing to have a chinwag haha!

Mothers day

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